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1. The Measurement Unit “Parm”

Walk over to the platform for trains coming from T-Centralen. Stroll along the platform towards the exit to Polishuset.

Do you see the wooden boxes sticking out from the mountain wall? All together, they are seven. What material do you think they are made of?

It looks like they are made of wood, but they are actually made of concrete. Some boxes have hay sticking out of them. Each box is a so-called “parm” – a measurement unit for hay that was used in Sweden in the past. In Stockholm, a “parm” corresponded to 17.7 cubic meters to be exact. The measurement unit was used to determine how much would have to be paid in customs fees when farmers came to sell hay on Kungsholmen. The word “parm” can be recognized from Parmmätargatan – “Parm-measuring street”, right above the metro station.

Locations: Rådhuset


The Measurement Unit “Parm”


Photo Location


Sunken Birchwood


Pre-historic Bags


A Sunken Gate


Joyous Galoshes


A Sunken Chimney


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