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The History of the art at Rådhuset metro station

You are now at Rådhuset metro station. It’s located on Kungsholmen, one of Stockholm’s many islands. The station was opened in 1975 and was named after the court house above it.

Artistic Design

Sigvard Olsson (born 1936) is the artist behind Rådhuset station. He is a graphic artist, painter, scenographer and playwright. His paintings emulate the spirit of abstract expressionism.

The station’s pink color was especially important to Sigvard Olsson. According to him, this hue of pink could be found in the North African Atlas Mountains, and that it should also be found in the mountains below Stockholm Court House.

Sigvard Olsson had a very special thought concerning the station’s decoration. He wanted travelers to be able to find traces of things that could previously be found at the scene – fragments of Kungsholmen’s history. If you look closely, you’ll see things that were left behind that have sunken deeper and deeper down the supple earth as years have passed, and which have now turned up down in the cave.

Image text: Artist Sigvard Olsson

Locations: Rådhuset


The Measurement Unit “Parm”


Photo Location


Sunken Birchwood


Pre-historic Bags


A Sunken Gate


Joyous Galoshes


A Sunken Chimney


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