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2. The Palace Makalös

Make sure to have your back against the exit to Gallerian. Then, walk along the left platform towards the exit to Arsenalsgatan.

Along the station’s walls, there are about 50 castings of mascaron ornaments from the incomparably costly palace Makalös. Mascaron ornaments are best described as stylized faces grinning in relief. They’re usually lion heads or goat heads, or bearded male heads.

On multiple locations, you can also find statues of male and female torsos. These statues are also castings of the art from the palace Makalös.

The Palace Makalös

Makalös was built in Kungsträdgården in 1635 and was located on what is now Karl XII:s square. Sadly, the palace burned down in 1825.

Places: Kungsträdgården


The Guards


The Palace Makalös


A Unique Eco System


A Fossil of Our Time


An Archeological Excavation Site


Lessertia Dentichelis




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Oil Spills


The Elm Conflict


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